Executive Search

Personnel consulting for executives and specialists

By filling influential positions, you leave a lasting mark on your company and its development. Aware of this, taking into account current market conditions and industry trends, and with the help of well-maintained network contacts, we offer you advice on how to fill these important positions with the most suitable people.

We translate company-specific, professional and personal requirements for future Executives into an individual strategy to recruit suitable top candidates for your company.


Successful personnel selection makes you the champion of your industry. With our experience and proven methods, we create accurate competence and requirement profiles that precisely meet your needs.


Our network bundles knowledge and experience from well-known consulting and industrial companies. This has resulted in (oder led to) long-standing, deep and appreciative relationships with our clients and candidates. This circle of well-known Managers moves us successfully and purposefully forward in every new search assignment.

Main focus

Our partners have many years of industry expertise in the automotive, chemical, consumer electronics, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, media, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors. We also cover specialized areas such as technical building equipment with heating, sanitation and facility management. We are particularly involved in transformation processes driven by automation, digitalization, robotics and the use of artificial intelligence.