Declaration of consent

I hereby give HSP Competence GmbH, Postweg 3 in 83209 Prien am Chiemsee, the permission to collect my personal data in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU-DS-GVO) for the purpose of recruitment / placement services and support within the scope of the limitation made below to process, use, transmit and store.

I understand that I may revoke my consent to the collection, processing, use, transmission and storage of my personal data at any time. For this, send an informal message by e-mail to The legality of the data processing carried out until the revocation remains unaffected by the revocation. In case of my cancellation my data will be deleted by HSP Competence GmbH.

I have read the privacy policy of HSP Competence GmbH, deposited on the website It is expressly accepted by me. The submission of this consent is voluntary.

Please check the relevant box. Please fill in the document.

Consent form applicants

I expressly agree that HSP Competence GmbH will forward my personal data to the job provider / employer and that my data will be stored by the latter. Without this consent, HSP Competence GmbH will not transfer any personal data to third parties. My personal data will be completely deleted after completing the application process.

You are also welcome to talk to other companies. However, I would like to exclude with a blocking notice the following job offerers / employers:

I expressly agree that HSP Competence GmbH processes and stores my personal data in order to be able to consider myself for other open positions. HSP Competence GmbH will consult me again before submitting my personal data to a job provider / employer and request my renewed agreement to forward and store my data.

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